Application Development



The ever increasing number of mobile phone users is not less than a testimony to the requirement of high end apps for your business. As a matter of fact, the coming of newer and smarter phones every now and then has given a significant boost to the requirement of such apps, so that you don't lose your tech savvy customers to your rivals and help them stay connected to your business. Backed by transparency and effective collaboration, the Windows mobile app process adopted by IDS Logic is quite renowned in the industry. With a great pool of skilled and experienced Windows mobile application developers, we have been able to maintain a powerful and successful track record of satisfied clients. When it comes to adapting to the very latest in the world of Windows mobile phones, we are

Our Windows Mobile App Development Services

The dynamic Windows world and the grave need for the right mobile apps for the users of Windows phones have led to the provision of some highly sought after services by IDS Logic. Some of these services are: 1. Windows App Conceptualization & Design 2. Custom Windows Mobile Application Development 3. Web-based Windows Mobile Application Development 4. Windows Apps Porting & Migration 5. Windows Apps QA & Testing 6. Windows App Support, Maintenance & Upgrade