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Network Security

Network security is an organization's strategy that enables guaranteeing the security of its assets including all network traffic. It includes both software and hardware technologies. Access to the network is managed by effective network security, which targets a wide range of threats and then arrests them from spreading or entering in the network.

Network Security Definition

Network security is an integration of multiple layers of defenses in the network and at the network. Policies and controls are implemented by each network security layer. Access to networks is gained by authorized users, whereas, malicious actors are indeed blocked from executing threats and exploits.

Types of Network Security

  • 1. Antivirus and Antimalware Software

  • 2. Application Security

  • 3. Behavioral Analytics

  • 4. Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • 5. Email Security

  • 6. Firewalls

  • 7. Mobile Device Security

  • 8. Network Segmentation

  • 9. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

  • 10. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • 11. Web Security

  • 12. Wireless Security

  • 13. Endpoint Security

  • 14. Network Access Control (NAC)